‘I believe in the power of design, but powerful design, that is, design which disrupts and really inspires people to do something, to transform - it can only be made with equally transformative products. We don't just work with anyone. We work with game changers. Brilliant people and products that are destined to be enveloped with brilliant designs. Designs who are created to cut through the noise and engage people. It’s about finding that perfect match. That harmony. So I get behind and create for products that have been dreamed about and obsessed over every step of the process until they innevitably become the beautifully inspired and functional reality they were born to be. Products that will make the world we live in more livable, breathable, beautiful & spacious. Because that’s the standard and quality I strive for with my own work and the reason behind everything we do.’

Robert Norris - Creative Director, RA
email: hello@robertaaron.net
skype: robert.aaron9